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Designing lives since 1995.

As Sandgate’s most experienced building design company, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and meticulous approach to planning, enabling us to make your dream a reality. Our team is dedicated to creating a home to suit your lifestyle. All of our building designers and architects are certified, so you know your project is in safe hands. We are proud of our long history creating homes our clients love. If you’re searching for a team you can count on to create your dream home, place your trust in our multiple decades of experience designing, orchestrating and delivering across multiple states.


We use a robust architectural design software, Revit, to generate all our design and construction documentation and support building information modelling (BIM) workflows. Revit propels projects from design to completion by automating updates across the model. Revit minimises risk by predicting the structural performance of a building before construction begins, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Most importantly, Revit ensures accurate building designs and minimises virtual coordination and design delays so you can find yourself in your dream home sooner.


We have the certification to design residential, multi-residential and commercial buildings. We won’t go past the opportunity to renovate and revamp either! So whether you’re wanting something new or looking to jazz up an old place, we’ve got a plan for you.



T e s t i m o n i a l s


“What a fantastic experience! Brad and the rest of his team at Jazz Designs have meticulously designed our dream forever home and we love it! From our initial meeting with Brad, he was able to put pencil to paper and make all of our dreams come to life with ease, confidence and very thoughtful planning. Watching Brad sketch and design as we discussed the items we wanted in our new home was such a memorable experience for us - it was like watching a craftsman at work, with each idea carefully taking into account our budget, practicality and how we will live in the space, and also, how to maximise our land with its mountain views.

We had a few design changes along the way - we originally planned for a single storey home but after careful consideration we changed to a double storey. Although this change came after working drawings were ordered for the first design, it was no problem for Brad and his team, who swiftly organised another concept appointment and our new plan was designed. My husband and I can't thank Brad and his team enough for all of their hard work, timely correspondence, professionalism, and friendliness! We spent hours going through display homes and researching online, but the design created by Brad has surpassed anything we could have ever imagined! We are so excited to see our home come to life as we move through to construction. Everyone we have shown are plan to has commented on its clever and beautiful design and we are quick to recommend Brad and Jazz Designs, they have been the best experience we could have hoped for!”

- Jess & Doug


My first meeting with Brad Cross from Jazz Designs was memorable. Having spent the morning on our lot, and already having an understanding of our needs for our family home, Brad came to the meeting well prepared. He explained how best to use the challenging lot, to capture the surrounding views, without compromising our privacy. When Brad proceeded to sketch a stunning plan before our eyes, it was clear to me that I was dealing with a professional that was highly skilled, knowledgeable and had listened to our requirements.

The house Brad designed truly exceeded our expectations. He created an innovative floor plan that catered beautifully for the entire family. The external shape and features of the house suited the leafy environment and provided for a stunning look, distinct from neighbouring properties. Details incorporated in the plan maximised the capture of breezes, light, and provided for an overall feeling of space. Brad was very pleasant to deal with, providing a quality service. I would highly recommend seeking Brad’s expertise for your new home.

- Richard Morrissey


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Best Small Lot Housing

Lot 12 Elliot Street Hawthorne
Awarded by the building Designers Association of Queensland


Finalist ‘Spec home of the year’

Jubilee Homes - Designed by Jazz Designs Pty Ltd
Awarded by HIA Queensland Housing Awards 2006

Best Custom Designed Home 351sqm to 450sqm

Lot 12 Elliot Street Hawthorne
Awarded by the building Designers Association of Queensland


Best Spec Home over 351sqm

Lot 53 The Circle, Sanctuary Cove
Awarded by the Building Designers Association of Queensland 2005

Finalist ‘Display Home of the year’

Geoff Clarke Homes Pty Ltd - Designed by Jazz Designs Pty Ltd
Awarded by HIA Queensland Housing Awards 2006